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Jim Says "Call Me"!
November 25, 2009

Jim Says "Call Me"!

Hey Everybody, Jim Attebery here from out on the Colorado highways. I've been up around Denver this week checking out some fantastic resort destinations as we start making our plans for the October Expo.

But first things first. This is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the "Early Bird" discount (save $49) on the registration for the Santa Barbara Expo and ALSO get an EXTRA LISTENING SESSION for that event. The more ears that can hear you music, the better your chances of finding a champion!

If you haven't registered yet, but want to today, just call me at 970.259.9747 and leave a message. If you are on my voice mail when I get home from Denver late Wednesday, I'll still honor the "Early Bird" special for you!

Also I want to announce an incredible new addition to the upcoming Expo: Alexandra Patsavas is coming! We've been inviting her for years as we have increasingly engaged film and TV music supervisors as a major component of our Expo...indeed, music supervisors have taken on a huge role in the "A&R" world. Don't miss her!

Gotta go...CALL ME!

:) Jim

Write With a Hit-Maker!

Our 2010 Santa Barbara "Write With a Hit-Maker" Songwriting Contest is NOW underway. Click here for details. It is an awesome contest. How long would it take you to get to write with a top hit songwriter if you tried? Our winners jump the line!

Listen to our last two winning songs on ReverbNation. Congrats again to Scott Hunt and Mycle Wastman!

Showcase in Nashville

Your Expo host in Nashville, namely mrJack, has suffered some family deaths recently and has had to be away from Nashville much of the fall. However, rumor has it that talks are underway with his pals Amanda Williams and Matthew Burgess to ignite the showcase for next year. (Sorry to those who have called me wanting to showcase the last month or so...WE WILL BE STARTING THE SHOWCASE IN JANUARY.) Thanks for your understanding!

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