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Calling All Early Birds!
November 18, 2009

There's Still Time!

Hey Everybody, mrJack here with some Expo updates that our fearless leader Jim Attebery has been pounding me over the head about sending to you.

He is right, however, that this IS important Expo news!

The Durango Songwriters Expo [sing 1996!] is going better than ever. In a time when the trend seems to be to "downsize," it's very good for us that we have always been small!

Yet, the EXPO is BIG for such a small music event. Really, everybody in Nashville knows about "the Durango thing," and many more still in New York, LA, Detroit, is a tribute to Jim and the Expo that it has quietly become a powerful way to be discovered, or to have your music truly "heard" for the first time. It's a significant songwriting event and one that every songwriter should go to at least once...many are perrenials!

Because I have been late in getting the news out, we are extending the Early Bird Special to November 25th. You have until Wednesday, November 25th to register early and save about 50 bucks and get an EXTRA LISTENING SESSION...this can be a very valuable extra pitch opportunity.

Don't wait, call Jim RIGHT NOW (in the middle of the night even!:) at 970.259.9747 and register over the phone! If you have any doubts that you should be in Santa Barbara Feburary 25-27, Jim will squash them, you'll see! :)

Write With a Hit-Maker!

Our 2010 Santa Barbara "Write With a Hit-Maker" Songwriting Contest is NOW underway. Click here for details. It is an awesome contest. How long would it take you to get to write with a top hit songwriter if you tried? Our winners jump the line!

Listen to our last two winning songs on ReverbNation. Congrats again to Scott Hunt and Mycle Wastman!

Showcase in Nashville

Your Expo host in Nashville, namely mrJack, has suffered some family deaths recently and has had to be away from Nashville much of the fall. However, rumor has it that talks are underway with his pals Amanda Williams and Matthew Burgess to ignite the showcase for next year. (Sorry to those who have called me wanting to showcase the last month or so...WE WILL BE STARTING THE SHOWCASE IN JANUARY.) Thanks for your understanding!

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