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Tommy's Two Cents Worth, Holiday Hump Day w/ Ash Street Music
November 10, 2010

Tommy's Two Cents Worth, Holiday Hump Day w/ Ash Street Music!

Hey gang mrJack here with some important updates, kind of long overdue but extenuating circumstances (of course!).

In case you haven't seen already...there is more DSE stuff on twitter. Thanks all who keep that site growing!

Awesome Expo in Boulder...already well on the way to filling in the line-up for the NEXT Expo February 24-26 in Buellton CA alternately referred to by the DSE as "Wine Country," "Santa Ynez" and "Santa Barbara." Same event now in its 6th Year!


Over the years we have consistently had people ask us about song critique services. Check out Tom Gould's cool new "Two Cents Worth" service....

Publishing music may be their business, but June McHugh and Tom Gould have a broader agenda than purely stuffing the charts of Country Music Radio. "When Tom or I hear a good song or witness the raw talent of the artists we've signed, I'm awe- struck and then the protective "she-bear instinct" rises in me."

June McHugh is a nurturer with keen musical instincts as much as she is a fiercely loyal promoter and advocate for Ash Street Music's artists and pool of writers.

Check out all the recent big cuts and credits for our friends at Ash Street Music.


DSE is doing a not-to-be-missed joint gig with June and Tom and company at a cool new place on Belcourt in Hillsboro Village (just down from the theater, opposite side of the street). It's called "Hump Day Holiday Party", right June? Anyway it's going to go on for hours (starting around 5pm) at Taps and Tapas on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 1st and we will be telling you all about it and soliciting your talents. Come check this new place out! TAPS AND TAPAS WEDNESDAY 12/1/10.

Contact mrjack about playing It will be a memorable holiday party! COME ON.

Register by November 19th and get a 4th Listening Session Free!

Print and mail the Registration Form or call Jim Attebery at 970-259-9747 to register by phone!

Stay tuned for news headed your way about our next WWAHM Contest, special guests and sponsors for the Santa Ynez Expo and a new location for our Nashville Showcase!

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