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Cool Beans!
October 28, 2009

Cool Beans!

Hello Durangonians! Yes, we've recovered from our Colorado Springs Expo! We're ready to go again...are you? Well we're gettin' started in that direction. Go to our website and you will find a link to a pdf of the Feb 25-27 Expo coming up in beautiful Santa Ynez, CA!

There are special discounts and opportunities available for early registrants so take a look NOW.

We are making many changes and improvements to our online business including new functionality to enable you to register electronically for our Expos and songwriting contests. STAY TUNED!

Most Recent Contest Winners!

Hear Contest Songs

COUNTRY CATEGORY FIRST PLACE - Scott Hunt for "It Gets Me Where I'm Going"!

POP CATEGORY FIRST PLACE - Mycle Wastman for "Keep on Lovin'"!


Special thanks to Algie Powers for the video of Scott Hunt's performance. Unfortunately Pop winner Mycle Wastman could not make the Expo because of a scheduling conflict.

As usual, this was a very tough competition with a lot of great songs. Below are the also-in-the-runnings songs and writers for both categories. Truly, when it gets right down to the wire, there is little difference between these songs...yet our judges are put in the precarious position of picking a WINNER in each category.


Will Hopkins for "My Devil Does"
Joe Licktieg for "Plane I'm Gonna Miss"
TIE FOR THIRD between: Beth Wood for "Funeral Day" and
R. Mack Harrell for "Let Utah Burn"

Songs were so good we added a fourth runner-up:
Donna Valentine for "Shouldn't it Hurt More"


Mycle Wastman for "Love Isn't Easy" (YES! Two of Mycle's songs were picked for the top positions!)
Tracy Scharf for "Turn It over"
Leilah Hayman for "Missing An Angel"
and Athena Byrne for "Breathe"


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