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Denver-Boulder-Broomfield Here We Come!
September 30, 2011

Denver-Boulder-Broomfield Here We Come!

First stop Walnut Room Denver!

Not only will the Expo be hosting its traditional "Meet and Greet" the night before the Expo (Wednesday 10.5 6-10pm) but Expo-ites will also be performing there the night before, on Tuesday.

Join our good pals Bob Rea and Stephen Styles with Joe Johnson and Anthony Doyle at the Walnut Room Tuesday Oct. 4th 7-10pm! See the RSVP on facebook.

Welcome Back CJ Jones and Roland Instruments!

Our good friend CJ Jones has been coming to the Expo for years—as a songwriter, guitarist, performer...and as our personal Roland Instruments representative. He has helped us acquire gear, has raffled off great Roland equipment, and has always brought news on some great new products for songwriters. At Boulder/Broomfield Expo 2011 (9-10am Sat 10.8) he will be demo-ing a very cool new digital recorder (the MICRO BR® BR-80) and talking about recording techniques. Don't miss it!

CONGRATS Once Again to Our 2011-2 WWAHM Contest Winners!


Winner: "Catch Me If You Can" - Rachel James

1st Runner-Up: "Stone Cold Crazy" - Michael Max McGee
2nd Runner-Up: "Lovin Up On You" - Mitch Townley
3rd Runner-Up: "Cheap Wine" - Joe Kellogg

"Consolation Prize" - Alexander Rodriguez


A TIE for Winner: "We're All Broken" - Patty Castillo and

"Drown" - Gayle Day

1st Runner-Up: "Not Giving Up" - Rachel James
2nd Runner-Up: "Unsaid" - Courtney Cotter
3rd Runner-Up: "Give Me Love" - Frank Okuren

SPECIAL 4th Runner-Up POP:
"Top Down" - Alina Smith


Winner: "Tug Of War" - Catherine Papworth

1st Runner-Up: "See You Fall" - Jeff Zacharski/Brian Blake
2nd Runner-Up: "Leave A Kiss" - Meghan Trainor
3rd Runner-Up: "Yesterdays News" - Lee Johnson



"Your conference is impossible to beat! It's the best one around. I wish I could be there. I want to thank you again for the opportunity to write with Glen Phillips. We finished the song and are in the middle of passing it back and forth to record it. I'm thrilled with it and so happy to have had the opportunity to sit in a room with him. He's great...And you are great for making it happen!!"—beth

DSE Note: Beth Thornley won the Pop category in the 2011-1 WWAHM contest and a co-write with our great friend and super talent Glen Phillips from Toad The Wet Sprocket fame!

YES! Glen Phillips will be appearing at the October 6-10 Expo!

Looking for a Rideshare or Roomshare for the Expo?

Are you looking to share a room with someone at the next Expo? Looking for some riders to share the cost of driving in to the next event? Please click here to leave your message and don't forget to post a CONTACT email!


"If I could only say one thing to describe the Durango Expo experience, it would be this. After being a professional writer for almost 20 years, it unfortunately gets harder and harder to be impressed by music in general. But at each Durango event I’ve attended, I had specific moments of listening to Artist showcases & Pro/Legends Writers rounds that gave me this old familiar feeling in my chest and reminded me of why I wanted to be a songwriter in the very beginning. That inspiration, for me, is worth everything." --Trina Harmon, Hit Songwriter and The Artist Coach

HURRY! There are Still a Few Rooms!

The Expo's special rates with the Omni Interlocken Hotel -- and room availability -- for our upcoming October Event were guaranteed only until September 3rd! Don't get left out of staying where the action is! Click here to make your room reservation NOW!

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