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DSE FILM/TV Showcase in Ventura May 17-19
April 14, 2012

DSE FILM/TV Showcase in Ventura May 17-19

Hey Everybody! We wanted to make the Ventura Film/TV showcase opportunity available to all our friends and Expo-ites, but please understand that it's a very limited, exclusive, and expensive event.

The Durango Film/TV Artist Showcase will take place for the 2nd year in Ventura CA at The Crowne Plaza Resort on the beach.

The showcase is limited to 25 artist/writers who will be performing and participating in listening/pitch sessions with 20 top music supervisors over 3 days May 17-19, 2012.

Because we are paying for hotel rooms for 20 music supervisors and limiting the event to just 25 artists/writers, obviously one can understand the expense and why it is more costly than the Expo.

Many of these artist/writers are underwritten by music publishing companies, managers, or record labels. Last year 4 major placements resulted from this event!

The bar is very high for this showcase, in quality of writing, production, and cost to attend. (We won't take money from anyone who doesn't meet the criteria. It's not fair, not for those submitting nor to the music supervisors, nor is it fair to our credibility - this is intended to be an exclusive high-level DSE opportunity).

Each attendee will have 6 listening/pitching sessions with 4 music sups and 5 artists/writers in each session -- very one-on-one and certainly a great opportunity for artists/writers/producers to get seen and heard and develop a relationship with active TV and Film music supervisors.

We will also have live showcases, with each artist/writer getting a 3 song live performance slot.

We hope everyone understands the high bar parameters of this special DSE event and understands also that it is not right for every artist.

If you would like more information, go here, or contact

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