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Who wants to Write with a Hit Songwriter?
May 08, 2009

Who wants to Write with a Hit Songwriter?

Hey everybody, Jim Attebery here letting you know that we are now accepting entries for the new Write with a Hit-Maker Contest. The response (and the results!) from our previous contests has been so great that we've decided to do it twice a year, coinciding with the Santa Barbara Expo and the fall Expo, which is coming right up! Below you will find the links you need to check out the contest and register for both it and the Colorado Springs Expo.

We've been so pleased over the years with our association with the Marriott corporation that we are holding our fall Expo at the Colorado Springs Marriott. The link to them below actually takes you to a special account just for our group so it should be easy to register online.

We are looking forward to hearing a lot of great music for the songwriting contest and of course having another fantastic Expo in October, our 14th fall event...but who's counting?

It's ALWAYS a blast! See you there we hope!

Write with a Hit Songwriter!

Our next Expo is Oct 8-10th, 2009 in Colorado Springs, CO (at the Colorado Springs Marriott). To avoid any availability issues, please make your reservations prior September 17th.

Click here to see, print, or download the Colorado Springs Expo 09 brochure.

To see and print out a JPG version of the brochure, click on the following links: Page 1 Page 2

If you cannot print out the document, contact us with your name and postal mailing address and we will send you the brochure!

Questions? Call Jim Attebery at 970.259.9747

Durango Nite at The Listening Room Cafe

From mrJack: We very fortunate to have as our monthly Durango Nite host the very popular live music venue The Listening Room Cafe, located in Cummins Station. Owners Chris Blair and Mark Craven and staff have made a fabulous new listening room (just as the name suggests!). Terrific people, sound, service, food, drinks and MUSIC!

The next Durango nite at The Listening Room is Monday, May 11th 8-10pm. NO COVER, $8 PER PERSON MINIMUM.

For the details of this show, see below. Amy Dalley (formerly on Curb Records), her husband Jack Sizemeore (Chuck Wicks' Bandleader) and Britton Cameron are veterans of the Expo and Bart Allmand co-wrote the recent Steve Holy hit, "Brand New Girlfriend" with Expo legend Jeffrey Steele. (Jeff says "I'll be back."). This will be a great reunion show with STELLAR talent.

Amy's new record, It's Time rocks....five stars! Join us!


Hey Friends!!!! Come out to The Listening Room for a really fun night of music! My friends Britton Cameron and Bart Allmand are gonna join me and Jack (aka, the hubs) in the strummy strum!!! I will be playing some of the songs from my new Album, "It's Time" along with some really new stuff that I am pretty excited about. Both Britton and Bart have some really cool tunes that I know you'll love!! And Jack writes with all of us :) Please say you'll come...otherwise we will be forced to talk bad about you. (ok just kidding...well... maybe, it really depends on who you

love Amyd

The Listening Room Monday, May 11 8pm-10pm
Cummins Station
209 10th Avenue South
Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203

Acoustic show with...
Amy Dalley, Jack Sizemore, Britton Cameron and Bart Allmand

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