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Important Updates from Jim...
January 24, 2010

Important Updates from Jim...

Hey Everybody, Jim Attebery here with some important Expo updates. First of all BRRRRRRRRRR! I don't know about where you are but we just got 4 ft. of snow in Durango! Great for skiing but a pain for gettin' around. I wasn't even able to get home...Lou-dog and me had to stay in town. Bad weather all over I know!

So, we're going to extend the deadline for the "Write With A Hit-Maker" songwriting contest for a few days...until the end of the week...midnight PT Friday January 29th. Hope that helps a few more people enter this great contest.

BTW, mrJack got an update last week from Richard Harris, one of the winners two years ago. Here's what's going on with Richard:

"Jack, ...Just noticed on the Durango songwriters thing that I am quoted as saying after I won the songwriters comp that I signed with Riptide. That should be Peer Music. [It] led to a 3 year publishing deal...Further news is that I got a cut on the Katharine McPhee record that just came out...Looking forward to hanging with you in SB my friend." —RH

Great things really do happen out of this event and our affect on the insdustry grows and grows, as does the QUALITY of the people and music associated with Durango. THANK YOU ALL!

Here's what our buddy and big-time LA music supervisor Drew Sherrod just sent us:

"hi so excited for the upcoming expo...since colorado, i have signed [two artiwits from the Expo] to VERY artist friendly deals...i'm sitting here in Playa Del Rey, in a cliffside mix room that overlooks the ocean...i'm recording the new Holland Greco EP...and thinking about what i can do to 'give back' to you- someone i owe 2 people on my roster to..." —Drew

There's truly a consensus among pros and newbies in the singer/songwriter world that "Durango" is an industry event that you simply can't miss. So maybe you can't go to every event, no matter, we do TWO each year. But make it a part of your career and great things will certainly happen to YOU!!

ALSO, very important: Expo fav and great friend (and performing songwriter!) Chuck Cannon WILL BE in Santa Barbara with us. It's a really tight squeeze for Chuck to get over here from Miami just off a cruise but he's IN...YES. Way cool. It would be too "strange" without him!

Watch for more and more updates as we approach the Expo...and come on!

Our next Expo will take place Thursday February 25th through Saturday February 27th, 2010 in fabulous Santa Ynez Wine Country (near Santa Barbara, CA). Click here to view and print out the Brochure/Registration PDF.

If you cannot print out the brochure, contact us with your name and mailing address and we will send you the brochure via USPS.

Just click on the link above to see or print out the Registration Form. Or, call Jim Attebery at 970.259.9747 if you have any questions at all!


HURRY! Enter Our Song Contest!

Time's running out to enter our 2010 Santa Barbara "Write With a Hit-Maker" Songwriting Contest (deadline 1/29/10). Click here for details. It is an awesome contest. How long would it take you to get to write with a top hit songwriter if you tried? Our winners jump the line!

Listen to our last two winning songs on ReverbNation. Congrats again to Scott Hunt and Mycle Wastman!

PLEASE do not underestimate the value of entering our Write With A Hit-Maker Songwriting Contest. It's not for everyone, but if you feel you are at a level in your writing that you could attract the attention of hit songwriters, you should enter this contest. It's potentially a very good opening with some very connected a very small price....

"Winning the 2009 Songwriting Contest in the country category was very exciting. Looking back from that experience I can see what an important part the Expo has played in making that possible. I have attended the Expo nearly every year since 2000. Each time I would walk away with a few gems to improve my songwriting and with new friends in the music industry.

"One experience stands out. I was talking to Brett James and Bob DiPiero (how often do you get that kind of opportunity!?) after a panel discussion and I asked them what was smartest thing they did to improve their songwriting. Almost in unison they said 'write 100 songs a year!' They said 'that’s what we do.' When I heard that number I knew I had to step up my game A LOT to make the progress I wanted. Little gems like that are what I have gathered at the Expo that helped me to improve as a songwriter."Scott Hunt


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