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New WWAHM Film and TV Category a Special Opportunity!
January 07, 2011

New WWAHM Film and TV Category a Special Opportunity!

Have you WWAHMERS checked out this new category, Film and TV? The winners (2) will get a song placed with RipTide Music/Pacifica! Rich Goldman and RipTide have long been part of our Expo and over the years many Durangonians have benefitted from Rich's eyes and ears for TV/FILM songs...just ask our good friend Richard Harris!

Some people in the industry say that Film/TV has become the "New A&R." Certainly music supervisors HAVE become a major conduit in recent years for breaking artists and songs. It is definitely a market that you as an artist or songwriter cannot afford to ignore, that is for sure.

People who work in Film and TV have increasingly taken an interest in the EXPO and Expo-ites. Recently The Darlins got a call about their song "Nothin' But Hank" because it was up on our website. Film/TV/A&R execs DO check out the Expo...more and more so.

Remember that what you are trying for, if you enter this category, is winning a master Film/TV usage of your track. ENTER IN THIS CATEGORY ONLY IF YOU HAVE A MASTER RECORDING OF THE SONG(S) YOU ARE SUBMITTING.

We thank Rich Goldman and RipTide once again for giving the Expo such a great new opportunity for our folks!


(A cool new feature this year is the ability to SAVE A DRAFT of your WWAHM online entry form and come back to it, giving you a chance to consider and reconsider the material you are entering!)

Meet and Greets THIS MONTH!

Special thanks to Gayle Day and LaLa Music for helping us organize these Expo-nites!

As part of our annual ritual we will be having meet and greets (those famous wild Expo parties!) in Santa Barbara and LA in just a couple of weeks! Don't miss this chance to meet up in a cool environment with friends from Durango! There is no cover charge but if you think you might want to perform, arrive early as EVERYONE will want to play!

Tuesday January 18th 2011 7PM

11 W. De la Guerra
Paseo Nuevo Mall
Santa Barbara


Wednesday January 19th 2011 7PM

7702 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046


WWAHM Update!

Please be sure to check out our new WWAHM Song Contest (and Expo!) co-sponsors Hello Music. "Hello Music hooks you up with partners that elevate your music." We're proud to be one of their hook-ups!

The 2011 Santa Barbara Write With A Hit-Maker Contest is now underway! Click here for all the details.

There are three ways to enter: by mail, through our friends at SonicBids or through our newly updated DSE interface available here!

Note that you will need to create a login with your email address and a private password. This new functionality will allow us to better manage your WWAHM account and save time. PLUS YOU CAN SAVE A DRAFT ENTRY AND COME BACK TO IT LATER which is helpful if you are entering in multiple categories. (You should be able to seamlessly enter one, two, or even THREE song contest categories - see details here).

Please note that there is an inconsistency with the pricing in the new interface and THREE CATEGORIES is $105. WE WILL CHARGE YOU ONLY $100 for all three categories, despite what it says on the online form!

Please email with any questions/problems/issues and we will resolve them all quickly. THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING IN OUR WWAHM CONTEST!

Register Now for the upcoming 2011 Santa Barbara / Santa Ynez EXPO February 24-26!

Click on the link to get the SB 2011 Registration Form or call Jim Attebery at 970-259-9747 to register by phone.

Click on the banner below to reserve your room at the Santa Ynez Marriott.

From our Friends at Ash Street Music!


Over the years we have consistently had people ask us about song critique services. Check out Tom Gould's cool new "Two Cents Worth" service....

Publishing music may be their business, but June McHugh and Tom Gould have a broader agenda than purely stuffing the charts of Country Music Radio. "When Tom or I hear a good song or witness the raw talent of the artists we've signed, I'm awe- struck and then the protective "she-bear instinct" rises in me."

June McHugh is a nurturer with keen musical instincts as much as she is a fiercely loyal promoter and advocate for Ash Street Music's artists and pool of writers.

Check out all the recent big cuts and credits for our friends at Ash Street Music.

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