Durango Songwriter's EXPO

Durango Songwriters Expo Santa Ynez/ Wine Country 2011
"Write With A Hit-Maker" Contest Entry Form




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Print this form, complete and mail. Make your check or money order for (US) $45.00 FOR ONE CATEGORY, $75 FOR TWO CATEGORIES, $100 FOR ALL THREE CATEGORIES payable to:

Durango Songwriters EXPO
300 Waters Way,
Durango, CO 81301
PH: 970.259.9747

Check One, Two or Three Categories:
[   ]Pop/Rock  [   ]Country   [   ]Film/TV (see special instructions for this category below)*

My signature below certifies that I have read, understood and accept the following Terms and Conditions:

1. ONE WINNER in EACH CATEGORY will be selected for COUNTRY and POP/ROCK. TWO WINNERS, ONE in VOCAL and ONE in INSTRUMENTAL, will be selected for the FILM/TV category.
2. Winners will be selected based on the quality of the song(s) submitted.*
3. A maximum of TWO SONGS per category or sub-category* will be reviewed.
4. Songs should be submitted on CD, along with a TYPED LYRIC SHEET for each song. Song material CANNOT be retuned.
5. Winners will be selected by a panel of music industry professionals who will make the FINAL decision.
6. All song entries, along with payment, must be RECEIVED NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 7th, 2011.
7. Winners will be selected and notified by February 16th, 2011.
8. The winner in each category will receive free Registration in the 2011 Santa Ynez /Wine Country Durango Songwriters EXPO (a $299 value), February 24-26th, 2011.
9. The winner in the Country Category will write a song at the EXPO with hit songwriters Ken Johnson and Andi Zack. The winner in the Pop/Rock Category will write a song at the EXPO with hit songwriter Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket!
10. Each winner will also receive a SINGLE SONG PUBLISHING DEAL! The Pop/Rock category winner will have the opportunity to publish with Keith Follese's The Family Business publishing company. The Country winner will have the opportunity to publish with Ash Street Music - Nashville. The publishing deal includes studio time to record a professional guitar or piano/vocal demo of the song written by the winner in each category!
11. THREE RUNNERS UP in each of the COUNTRY and POP/ROCK categories will win HALF PRICE Expo Registration (a $150 value).
12. Co-written songs MAY BE SUBMITTED. However the SONG is chosen as winner and therefore the prize(s) are awarded to the PERSON SUBMITTING TO THE CONTEST (completing and signing this form).
13. Transportation to the EXPO, meals and lodging, are the responsibility of the participants.


Durango/RipTide Music/Pacifica Music Song Contest Collaboration

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM EXPO: This new [2011] Film/TV category is different in concept from the other song contest categories. PRODUCTION QUALITY IS KEY IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING TO THIS CATEGORY. Note the submission policy below: "All submissions must be fully developed and produced as 'Master Quality' recordings to be considered." In addition, please check below whether you are submitting to the sub-category VOCAL or INSTRUMENTAL or BOTH (one song in each):

[   ]Vocal Music (words and music) [   ]Instrumental Music

Submit your songs and instrumentals for a "deal offer" with either RipTide Music (songs) or Pacifica Music (instrumentals and songs). All submissions must be fully developed and produced as “Master Quality” recordings to be considered.

Submission Policy:

1) Only original music will be considered, no samples, no covers or third party material allowed
2) Only 2 songs or tracks will be accepted per artist or composer (may submit one song in VOCAL and one song in INSTRUMENTAL)
3) Winning entrant must attend the Durango Santa Ynez Expo (see #8 above)
4) The format for submission MUST BE MP3

RipTide Music is a creative, forward thinking Los Angeles based music licensing and publishing company. RipTide represents the work of accomplished composers, Indie-bands, artists and singer-songwriters for licensing in television, movie trailers, films, video games and advertising. Recent RipTide credits: (Trailers)Tangled, Your Highness, Inception, I Am Number Four (TV) 90210, Castle, Terriers, NCIS (Spots) Lincoln, Applebees, Aiden Mattox, Pillsbury (Games) Call Of Duty: Black Ops, UFC Undisputed 2010.

Pacifica Music is a modern production music catalog created by two of Hollywood’s leading independent licensing and publishing companies, RipTide Music and pigFACTORY Music.

Their catalogs currently offer over 7,500 tracks across all modern genres with new tracks being added at an aggressive pace. Pacifica showcases a collection of works from a global network of artists, composers, musicians and producers and delivers music through its industry leading website, a variety of popular digital asset management systems and on hard drives.

Recent Pacifica credits: Microsoft, Lexus, Yahoo, Target, Motor Trend, Rolland, Playstation PSP, Google, THQ.

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(Note: Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign on the entrant's behalf)

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