60 second rhyme time

by DeeKay

Its a miracle possession Every word lyrical perfection Even my soul is hard Like a spiritual erection So its fuck the world without protection And u get cut up like sesection Comin straight off the top. And they askin when will he stop A minute after never so set your clocks.

this is the freshmen no the sophmore N i aint soft no more cuz i rap hardcore They aint hard no more cuz im a rapping carnivore Look at my stoned face like mount rushmore. my raps bring in the heat cuz i got alot of fans i stop your flow with out tryin i dont give a dam. and man i am fly like tucan sam cuz im a cereal killer yes i am. my music gives me bread cuz im just jammin Cuz you know its me baby You know i spit rabies Better yet acid Cuz i go so hard and your just flacid

Now im gonna switch up my style . This is a real freestyle But my styles never free You wont be able to remember me Cuz ill just turn you to a memory

You cant be rappin and be testing me. Cuz u aint nutin but a name on my recipe.

Rapping remains my destiny They say these website raps suck Unless its me!

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