by TC Sullivan
(Madison, WI)

Well let me tell you about my 22, I not talkin’ ‘bout the G2
of the Glock you probably got cocked and locked and stocked in your back pocket
I’m talkin’ bout the standin’ tall that we be walkin’
This girl’s version of a pop and lock-it,
full metal jacket that we be hackin’ while others stand there slacken’,
so listen up if you are able this is no fable I am about to lay without a table.
Got myself quailed, become justified so the government they could make me classified.
Enlisted to commit came with one hell of a hitch but I know I cannot quit.
Signed a piece a paper, my mama said “please don’t take her”. “Gonna be soldier” is what I told her.
Put me on a big old plain, sent me off the basic train that DI just complained,
“Not enough sit ups, you better not give up” made me wonder if I was ever gonna live up.
Off to school, gotta get me that MOSQ
became lean and mean get on that A team, cause the Army they be the only dream team, and they do not PITTY NO FOOL.
Gave up my mini skirt to go play in the dirt now all I really want is your clean ass shirt.
Get deployed no more joy just big ass military toys.
Suppressive fire so very tired WATCH OUT for that wire
. Watch you flank, find some rank just get me a big ass military tank.
WAM – BAM why thank you ma’am she stride with pride, try and keep me alive;
GAS – GAS, get off your ass. Sir, I have to ask did they even put the flag at half mass.
Find that center mass (click) now they can just kiss our ass
cause that dirt devil just brought this war to a whole new level;
no atomic bomb, no black hawk down, just a cold ass shhh, ghost town.
Now the very foundation of this here nation is able to be stable by those of us who are able to provide the needed labor, ya all know ya cannot handle all that we are able.
Now this here integrity is no charity,
the very essences of my weapon can bring on a depression;
we need grenades not Band-Aids for this type of pain.
Post demotic stress, I am just a mess, I should go get dressed
but this uniform it ant made from a magical unicorn so do not be misinformed,
cause we all know …liberty is never very PRETTY.
Now I’m no Dudley- do- right just got do what’s right, stand up for what’s right, fight for your bills of rights, who know it could be me, yo right?
Are you pickin’ up what I am puttin’ down cause I’m just trying to bring honor all around.
Now I’m a vet with no regret that you just met but don’t you sweat, I ant your threat,
I just try to stay true now goin’ on 42 did serve my 22 and I have to wonder what about you?

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