2010-1 "Write With A Hit-Maker" Songwriting Contest WINNERS!

COUNTRY CATEGORY FIRST PLACE - Lee Johnson from Boulder, CO for "High Heels"!

"After years of coming to these events [I've learned that's there's an opportunity] for songs that are uptempo, that have positive female-empowering lyrics...I now go through a regimented critiquing process [before pitching]. I take it to different organizations, I get lots of feedback, then we go produce a pro demo...by then we really feel we’ve tightened up the lyric, we’ve tightened up the chords, we’ve tightened up the melody. We have all the nuts and bolts of it...the Expo definitely helped me learn how to do that." —Lee Johnson 2010-1 Country Winner for "High Heels"

POP CATEGORY FIRST PLACE - Hilary Hawn from Los Angeles, CA for "Dance the Dance"!


As always, this was a very tough competition with a lot of great songs. Below are the runner-up songs and writers for both categories. Truly, when it gets right down to the wire, there is little difference between these songs...any could win...yet our judges are put in the unenviable position of picking ONE WINNER in each category.


Mike Collins for "Arizona Rain"
Max McGee for "Here for the Beer"
Stephen Styles for "From Here to Her"
Diana Rose for "Tired of Gettin' Rained On"


Alisse Garn for "Piece by Piece"
Michael Jade for "What Was I Thinking?"
Athena Marie for "Zero to Crazy"
TIE for 4th:
Andy Ard for "Wonderful" and
Rob Grad for "Take Your Time"


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Hey Everybody, mrJack here from DurangoSong.com. Below is a playlist of songs from our 2010-1 Write With A Hitmaker Runner Ups. (If you are in the list above but your song is not here it is probably because it was submitted on CD and sent directly to the judges. If you want us to include it here contact jack@durangosong.com so we can get an mp3 from you.) GREAT STUFF!

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