by vy chung

Fail Parody song: Lightsaber by Exo (english lyrics)

Part 1:
Look up at the sky
Wonder what it would feel like
To not have you by our side
Your ruling are getting old
We was under your order
But now we fight for Liberty

Part 2:
Feel the inferno slowly fallen down upon
We know the time is up, just stand and fight- we'll never stop
Freedom we’re standing
Freedom and surviving
Then king George sent his army | | | | | |
To assassinate us all | | | | | |

Part 3:
Will there’s no way to get out of this easy
During Lexington eight are laying there dead
Those red coats with the stain of blood remain of our people.
We have to fight back
What we want is
To be Independent
Have privilege
And freedom

Part 4:
Let’s us gain, what you’ve lost
During the years of war
So please forget what you have done
Because is all in the past

Part 5:
May the god be with you
Don’t let’s fear direct you
We can build this nation stand and still
With laws in form of bills
You know better
This is our only hopes
So let’s the weapon take the lead
And white flag fly
In answer of their surrender

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