# Penha's Convent BY Théo Tavares
Vila Velha CPenha’ s Convent )
Vila Velha city / ES -Brazil -
01 )
When I’m walking
Here in the Convent I feel it’ s power
I feel It’s peace
Penha ,Penha , Penha
La , la , la , la , la ,la
02 )
Beautiful sight to behold
Pedro Palácios loved It so Much
My Queen is here to bless Me !
Penha , Penha . penha
La . la . la, la , la, la
03 )
My son Do’nt suffer anymore ,
I wil pray to God for You
Your house I ‘ll visit
And improve Your life
Penha , Penha ,Penha
La. La . la . la . la . la
Back to part 02 and repeat
ITY / ES - Brazil

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