ZarMoney - RiDER

by Zamani Mbeje
(Durban )

We talk only on the DM
She like nigga yhe swaving
Nah girl I'm just drift.
just like a Bemma she said
Hook: Let me ride u x2
I can ride yha

She!thick like a bible nigga
Swaer to God She sinner
AmaJita ayizfela (Puh)
Yellow mommy thanda vurra (Pah)

No no no. Ngeke umthembe
ngifuna ongcono ay isfebe
Bad mammy phuma eRess
100Geez on a pess

Light skin no wiv though
Long hair New rambo
Dwgz in the dulding like wolf pack
Codien like schoobydo snack

Lather seag like the roise ross
G6 gave her no choice
Hit raw like a fonzo
When you see her take photo

I only date her coz uhlala emhlanga
Blame it on us. Phela uphuma ekasi
IPhone no android
No blesser yazi thengeka

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