Yes, Lord

by Stephanie

I hear a whisper in the night
Your loving voice I’ve heard a thousand times
Calling me out on the waves
To a place where I can only stand by faith
It’s what I’m made for anyway (x2)

I say yes, Lord (x2)
I say Yes; My life is Yours
When you call me
I’ll come running
I say yes; My life is Yours

For there is no one else like You
You won my heart when You ripped that veil in two
I hold nothing in these hands
Just Your promise to be with me to the end
Jesus, lead me on again

Chorus (x2)

And on that day when I go home
And see my Jesus seated on His throne
I’ll find a crown upon my head
A thousand jewels for every yes I said
And, I’ll offer it right back to Him

Chorus (x2)

This isn’t a onetime thing
This isn’t a onetime thing
This isn’t a onetime thing
I’m signing up for the rest of my life (x6)

Chorus (x3)

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