by Stella lukman


I love you, i miss you
You are all that i want
Those word ringing in my ear
As if its only yesterday

Baby, love, honey, sweetheart
Hugs to my back, heads in my arms
Repeatedly play in my mind
Crossing my dreams like thousand time

Could it be just my misery
To love and hurt all over again
Cos baby, u seem to just be fine
Can i trust in words anymore?
Cos even kisses cant be
Should it be my path
To be wounded all over again

I hold on to each of those words
Feeling your empty soul
Thinking that i could be the swords
For you against the world


Empty spaces in my heart
Telling me to shield it hard
Not to fall too hard
For girl like your class

I hope its not my path
Cause wounded is not how i wanna ended

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