Windows to My Heart

by Charles Butler
(Greenwood, LA, USA )

There’s been times I’ve seen you wonder
Thinking maybe how I feel
I’m not a man of many words
And, don’t think that I ever will
But, when you stare into my eyes
There’s something I want you to know
But every time it seems I try
Those words get stuck inside my throat
I want so much to take your doubt
And, to turn it inside-out
But, it seems it’s just too hard
Through these windows to my heart

Can’t you feel my heart beat
Don’t you feel its rhythm
Pound n, pound n, pound n babe
And it’s beat n just for you
Can’t you hear it sing n
Don’t you hear its song
Beat n, beat n, beat n-babe
And, it’s singing I love you

I was not raised to be sentimental
To say those words you need to hear
But, every time it seems I try
I can only look and stare
Words have never been my friend
Especially when you come near
Those three words locked deep within
But listen with your eyes and hear

(Repeat Chorus)
I can feel that your heart’s thinking
But, something you should realize
Hid in me is a song that singing
Just beyond these staring eyes
There’s this sound that’s pounding hard
Beat’n out how much I care
Put your head up to my heart
And hear the words you’d die to hear

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