"Widow's Cupola"

by David Cooper
(Conway S.C. USA)

On the coast of Carolina
Where the Black Mingo Creek flows
A sea captain built a mansion
As the old ghost legend goes
He fell in love with a young maiden
Took her hand to be his wife
Sailed away to make a fortune
They say on a stormy night

Up in the widow's cupola
When lightning flashes cross the sky
And lights up the old mansion
You can see a haunting sight
It's the young sea captain's wife
Pinning for the man she loves
A ghostly figure dressed in white
Up in the widow's cupola

On a grey September morning
She watched him as he sailed away
With a cargo of indigo
He went down in a hurricane
When she heard he lost his life
Dressed in white she climbed the stairs
Jumped to her death that stormy night
Look and you can see her there

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