by Daniel
(Marysville, WA)

Dark Ages (Album)

Dark Ages (Album)

Why, don't, the stars shine so bright?
and why, can't, i see that look in your eye, that makes, me smile.

And why, don't, the seas seem so blue?
and why, can't i live without you?
I can't go on without you.

But you wanna leave
and i don't wanna see you go,
I can't breathe anymore.
And i, can't see.

Why, don't, the grass seem so green?
and why, don't you blame it all on me,
i'm blind, and can't see.

And why, don't, the wind flow so smooth?
and why, can't you share it with me too?
And i, don't understand that...

You don't wanna hear it,
and i only want to explain
But you don't want anything to do with me
You say your not so sure, totally.


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