Why I'm I a Flirt

by abhinay

When I saw your face from my balcony,
I fell in love with your charmin face,
Then I’ve got to know your really there,
And the I fell in love with your attitude,
Which doesn’t allow bad company come with u,
And if u think that
It is hurting then I can't do anything
Oh baby, I'm sorry(2).
Trust me now I will take you everywhere,
If I earn on my own quite a lot,
I will pay for u wherever you want,
And if u like that,
Then lets get out of here,
Oh baby, I'm sorry
If its hurting,
Oh baby I'm sorry,
Plz forgive me.
Why I'm I flirt,
Why does everyone call me that,
I don't wanna here that,
I just try to make fun,
And I don't want anyone calling me flirt,
Actually my friends know how to flirt,
Eventhough I know everyone's flirtin,
I just keep myself quiet,
And if u think that it is flirtin,
Then I can't do anything.
Oh baby, I'm sorry,
If its hurting,
Oh baby I'm sorry
plz forgive meeeee...........

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