Why a man can't cry?

by Bijay Magar
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Flashbacks of your memory haunts me every time,
I'm not brave enough to cope with this feeling
There is no morphine to take this pain away
They say a broken heart no more has a healing.

I've got sentiments like you do
I've got vibes which push me through
These tears won't stop falling from my eyes
Please tell me why, a man can't cry?

It was a big mistake to think I was strong
My biggest weakness was hidden in my heart
I let you in my life, I let you take my soul
But you opened me up then ripped me apart

My bad, I never knew my love never had a life
For you, whom I believed to be my friend
I was wrong to think you would hold on to me forever
Oh.. I was foolish to cherish your love so stained

I dreamt of you even when I was woke
I always laughed in your every bad joke
How'd you expect me to smile when you said goodbye
Please tell me why,  a man can't cry?

When these eyes of mine are wet
When this heart of mine is dry
I know I loved you blood and sweat
Now please tell me why,
Why couldn't I cry?
Please tell me why,  a man can't cry?
Please tell me why,  a man can't cry?

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