Who I Am!

by Alexus Edwards
(Atlanta, Tx)

Ooooh ooooh yea here we go.
When I wake up in the morning
I can't help but look in the mirror
And I thank to myself saying I'm beautiful
Inside and out don't care what anybody else gots to say.

Cuz what they say don't mean a thang to me
Cuz this right here is who I am
So don't try to hurt me
Cuz that ish is crazy and your only hurting yourself
Thanking that you can ruin my life
Just by saying stuff to me saying I'm crazy
But your words don't mean a thang to me.

Who I Am today is who I'm gonna be
For as long as I live or as long as I can
Which I shouldn't worry about what people be saying
Cuz Who I Am is always who I will be.

In the making of this song I just wanna say that
No matter what happens in life
I'm not gonna give up cuz if I just give up now
What's the point of planning and doin what I've got planned so far. Yea Yeah!

Sometimes I wonder what people will think
But then again I don't care cuz I'm gonna be me
So I just sit back and do what it is I gotta do
In order to make it in this world.

So here I go I'm leavin you all alone
It's me and my boo so now it's up to you
What you wanna do and I wanna let you know
That who I am is always who I'm gonna be.

Who I am is nothing I should give up on
Cuz I have a bright future ahead of me
And I don't wanna be stuck on the streets
So this is me this is who I am
I like to show the real me
Which is doing my own thing.

Even though I'm not perfect or even though I'm not the best
I can still make the best of me
By writing my own songs down as I sing
So I won't forget how it sounds in my ears

Who I am today is who I'm gonna be
No matter what people say to me
Cuz who I am today is who I'd rather be
Than be someone I'm not.

Even though I didn't like who I was before
But I'm now starting to like myself way more
Than before cuz that is Who I Am today
Tomorrow and for the rest of my life
And I deserve the best even though I'm not the best
Cuz that's just who I am.

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