What is love

by Eli
(Las Vegas )

Love is a unpredictable feeling you get from someone. Day and night you tossing and turning cause you don't know if that person feel the same. Everything they do , eat, sleep , talk , move affects you in every way. You try your hardest to get your love out to that person but it seems like it's not working. So now you slowly giving up, But it's that magnet that pull you right back to them. You treat them like heaven, but you don't know if they love you back. You text them everyday trying to show them your love, Your phone light up and your heart lights up like the strip of Vegas, You slide your phone right , and type in your password, Then that messages appear ! Your heart suddenly drops 80 level, To come to find out they was taken! You start to feel dead inside, now you looking at them with someone else and seeing there love for each other, so now knowing they taken, you just don't know anymore

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