Was it Worth it? By James Cook

by james cook
(Viet nam)

Was it Worth It? (Spoken Word Hip Hop)

The earth Cremaided into the dirt feet 1st my hommies riding off in a Herts Pastor
of the church Preaching about How to be rebirth cuz Jesus comes 1st Brothra's falling over red and
blue Shirts How much is your life Worth? Like i was curse since Birth Dieing over somebody esles Trath
the blocks that they claim now as been renamed Some Young Buck running things Fancy wheels with Lager Bills and Flashy
chain wanna be little wayne, But this ain't no rap game, This the real thang nick name King neck full of Blang Blang

Was it Worth it ?
I Hook up with a Kat Name Chicno out of Reno we meet at a Casico,He drop me couple of Kilo's he ran whore house full of Spanish hoes from Mexico
He was Connected with this Kat Name Teado and he was down with saso ran things from CaL to Lapasso King of the Dope Game But he didn't wear a
gold chain and ICE outed rings, But he was low Key and Doing Large Things,Introduce me to the finder things Put me down with the Game Taught me how to run thangs now my

life has takin a Big change in the fast lanewhole Suit case full of Candy Kane My Focus and my aim was just to Maintain, Don't do it 4 money or the Fame the expensive Car and Big Name
But do 4 the Glory of telling a Story

Was it Worth it

I was Jail Bound like I needed a rebound across cities and towns moving in and out like grayhown Flooding the streetz with powder 4 weeks until it reach it's peek, now I'm in deep
in Shits Creep wanna be Bosses don't wanna take no Lostes cuz it costes trying live up too the Rick Rosses

Was it Worth it"?

Snithes and Bitches and my wanna be misries Got em swimming with the fishes 4 trying to eat food out of my dishes No GoodBye Kisses just three wishes Cities
Counties and States FBI rated my Place..
They heard I had conections and tides with orangise crime Somebody than drop a dime, Now I'm on the Freeway running from the FED time, I'm in a New York state of mind with
load 9 drunk off a Bottle of cheap wine, I ain't trying to do no hard time,

WAS it Worth It?

Surround in Bridge port New York with Pack of new ports in brand new Push

Was it Worth it?

25 to life No Kids and no Wife I guess I had to pay the price to live the life...

Was it Worth it?

They wanted me to turn on SaSO who was in Bed with Johnny Bruco in the Mafico's
he had POPO on the payroll, and he ain't doing no life my in Chino with cousin NeNo,
FEDs put a tap on his phone, thats why it didn't have no tone annd snitch is punks ass
off the thrown like his homeboy Capone
Was it worth it By James Cook

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