Two-facer Liar

by Jason Brander
(Manalapan, NJ, USA)

I see you for who you are and what you do
all I can say is situation is real and is dire
there is blame to be seen and I knoow who...
you caused this you made this hell I'm in and it's an outta control blazing fire
it burns my body it burns my soul but now I'm threw
and I can see oh yes I can see your god dam two face liar

it's one thing to try another to stop but to end it all
now thats so very wrong and my happiness is small
now I'm not alone in this hell with blazing fire
so the world can you are nothing but a god dam two face liar

This world is full of hate full of rage full of despair
Our world is full of joy, full of love, but bitch I got news for you
I got no pity, no remorse and, no feelings to fuckin spare
So I can care less of what happens or the effects of what I do
All I can say is what’s on my mind while I burn in this hellish fire

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