Two Sides

by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)


You left me at an airport all alone
You said I was afraid of you and me
But you're the first real love I've ever known
Who cares if I don't want the world to see?

Please tell me what it is you want from this
Am I just one more point you have to prove?
Please tell me every single stolen kiss
Was more than just some calculated move

In this chess game that we play, I'm all in
I'm coming at you with all my charms
We need a compromise, I'll let you win
So you will once again refill my arms

Please take me back, you know I was a fool
When in all this time did you get so cruel?


Yes I left you at an airport
I let you leave
Because you were afraid to hold my hand
And though I love you more than you believe
I can't explain what you can't understand

For too long dear, I played your second fiddle
I waited, but you never followed through
And just when I thought I had solved the riddle
I see I don't even get the best of you

In this chess game that we play, you always win
You took my queen and then you let me fall
Come back, but I refuse to let you in
I have nothing left to give. You took it all.

I'll never take you back, you made me the fool
When in all this time did you get so cruel?

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