Truth Is

by Kimberly Ferguson
(Huntsville, Alabama)

Truth is
Easy to see
You don't wanna be free
Truth is
He don't love you
No matter what you do
Truth is
You still let him chill
Truth is
He went by Jill
Truth is
You need him to pay a bill
Truth is
Staring you in the face
You can't erase
Truth is
You should just replace
Truth is
He's a jerk
It will never work
It will drive you berserk
Truth is
I see you're smerk
My sister's it won't work
He will lurk
Truth is
He selling you dreams
You need self esteem
Truth is
Having a lot of kid's
You won't be able to give
Because the life you live
Truth is
You say you're fed up
Ladies Tupac said we gotta keep our head up
Time we get our bread up
Truth is
Why can't you tell him good bye?
When will you see?
This will never be
Truth is
When you love yourself
He won't be able to run those games
You will know you're name
And things will never be the same
Truth is
Ladies you can gain and maintain
Stop accepting things that bring you pain
Walking in the rain
Running to catch the train
Trying to sustain
You're feelings are hard to contain
Truth is
Easy to see
If you wanna be free
It's not meant for me
Truth is
I had to let em go
I had to say no
Truth is
I had to grow
And now I know
The signs always show
Truth is
You can walk away
You don't have to stay
Hear me say
It's not OK
No matter how long you pray
End it today

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