by Caleb Dawit
(St. Louis, Missouri )

I got on my knees and I started to pray. I changed so much I didn't know what to say, I got into the spirit and received His fire and now telling my story became my desire. My life was so hard going left and to the right. He brought me from the darkness and into the light. His love is do deep he took it into the grave. Died so we could be free and no longer slaves. I look up into the air where you my father is the heir and asked. Why do we make our biggest mistakes in our youth? Why can't we tell between the lies and the truth? We all whined to God saying that our lives are over. I swear half you all don't know the face of pain, it's a what makes a man go insane. I was on top of the world and had nothing to fear. Then, I hit rock bottom in just under a year. I hate it how we only ask for him when we are weak. Yet, he came into life and turned it around in under a week.GLet him wipe the sins out of our lives and stay aware of our peers.So be transparent and keep your eyes clear or you'll be in tears. I'm about to go off, I think someone pulled the pin. With him I can't lose, its like every time I win. I don't care if you appeal, because my bars are 100% real. I couldn't paid what I owed so he died for me then came back.

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