This is For You Ma

by Elizabeth
(Warrensburg, Mo)

You know things spark memories that are hard for me
And its all your fault how can you be so blind to see

You ruined my child hood and didn’t give nothin to me
And every price I had to pay didn’t get anything for free

Just a starving kid that no one wanted to take care of
Goin to bed hungry every night because you weren’t there

It would’ve been a different story if you were actually workin
But instead you out getting drunk and hookin

When I call the bar to see when your comin home
The bartender knows whose on the phone

How does that make you feel that she knew my voice better than you?
I guess all I gotta say to that is f*&# you.

I wonder if you ever think about all the times I helped you in the door
Or how much of a whore you really were.

You know I was only one room away I could hear everything
I hate you for that I just want you to know

And when you left me all those times
All I could do was to cry

I wonder why I cried over a stupid bitch like you
You weren’t even the one who taught me to tie my own shoe

Velcro until the second grade
That’s when grams took me in and then you still didn’t care

This is for you ma congrats the shittiest parent award

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