Things we see from the contest....

by Jack Hayford

Some interesting notes about WWAHM 2010-2:

1. One of the runner-ups, "Arizona Rain" got NO VOTES because it was submitted to "Non-Public" entries...which anyone can request.

2. Most of the winners and runner-ups were written by multiple time Expo-ites. Coincidence? We think otherwise!

3. Artists who have a big, loyal, vocal fan-base can easily get their songs heard and VOTED ON. That doesn't necessarily mean they will win (and they didn't this time), but it does still tell them something important. That THESE songs are very well liked by THEIR fans. And first you have to make fans before you can mobilize them...having fans is GOOD. Very good. And critical to selling your music.

There are some cool new features coming soon to WWAHM.

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