The Moral of the Story

by Nicole Westerhouse
(Indianapolis, IN)

Her hair raven black
Her face pale as snow
The most beautiful girl
He'd ever come to know
So why'd he break her?

She tasted his kiss
The poison on her lips
The burden was his
Why'd he make her
Fall in love with him
He's underneath her skin
He took her everything
And they call him Charming?

And the girl says,
"Please don't regale
Me with fairy tales
'Cause I've already been betrayed."
So don't you dare trap her
With happily ever afters
That are already starting to fade
I guess the moral of the story is
Love's not gonna save you with it's kiss

A ladder of hair
Hangs in the air
A roadmap of stars to lead the way
She clings to a prayer
That he may find her there
Her white knight will come and save the day

As the girl sits
Her hope starts to sour
Caught in an ivory tower
Will her knight sleigh the dragon
And win her heart?
Patiently subdued
Waiting to be rescued
Where is her reward? She played her part.
The moral of the story, if nothing else:
Prince Charming isn't coming. Save yourself.

There will be no boy wonder
To save her from her slumber
And little kids all have to grow up
So don't get stuck
Wishing on a star
Won't get you very far
At the rainbow's end you'll find
There's lies not luck

I guess the moral of the story is
Fairy tales aren't real. They don't exist.

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