The modern woman need.

by Anny Ekanem
(London, UK)

To the old-fashioned, traditional African, obsessed, possessive, etc.
it is not easy for one to decide to give up many to stay with a partner for a time as long as everlasting, some of which come with a vow of a "for-better-for-worse condition".
For God has created every living creature in their own special way and beauty. Some more beautiful/handsome than others. Some taller/shorter, well built, flawless, rich and complete to meet any human requirement.
While some use these features to oppress, there are some who let humility rule their beauties.
For a man who thinks he is better than a woman and can enslave her, here is a reminder;
As a man strives and thinks of how to make a living, so does a woman. As a man thinks of how many more beautiful women are out there to meet, so does a woman.
A woman just as a man, thinks of how to study, work and live a decent life with the choice of a beautiful family, future and life after death.
A man may be described by God as a superior to his woman, but not to humiliate, enslave or oppress. A woman, most often should be treated as a man's male friend. For as a man fears that most often if he throws a punch at his male friend, a punch or punches he will get in return. Fears to raise his voice at his male friend as he will get same or worse in return. How then can a man not often treat his beloved woman as his male friend? A man should count himself lucky to have someone take his childishness, understand his mistakes and cover his shame in the name of a wife.
A woman just as a man, has a brain, a body to be respected and a life.

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