The Lord of the Rings

by Jashna

With the forging of the great rings,
3 were given to the elves kings.
9 were given to the human beings
and dwarf Lords got the 7 rings.

They all deceived in the Mordor,
In the fires of the mount doom
Dark Lord Sauron forged a master ring
was the Lord of, Lord of the rings.

Frodo Baggins got the master ring
after Bilbo, Gollum & the Isildur
move with Aragon, Sam, Boromir
Gandalf Legolas, Gimli Merry & Pippin
The ring is desperate to go back
again to Mordor to Lord Sauron.
The Fellowship choose their leaders as
Gandalf Legolas, Gimli Aragon
Time has come now when future of
all the human beings is in the hand of 2 hobbits
War begins with the army of the Lord of the rings.

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