The inevitable

by Tyler
(Sacramento, CA)

"Arising, aspiring, arriving to the next
bombarding, belittling, borrowing, becoming; bearing my fears, clarity all over me, carrying my tears; distant and desolate, demonizing; defining the ways of which I've been deprived of, diving down electrically, eminently, eloquently, egotistically, knowingly and shamefully through the universe we all know amidst all the inconclusively terriblly and completely true savagery."

"eerily and elusively it did, finding the path of where I use to live; fear, fondness, fairness, family, foolishness, and felony, the fullness and fulfillment of our everyday feverish society, genius, generous, giving and gallerying and glowering; the galling of the gregarious, gauging gorily"

"hallowing, haunting the hilariously inevitably hovering hospitalities in the spiteful distance of the worsening technicalities of our own howling heroism, and hypocritically hating on the hammering skeiptics of reality, illusions and inclusions, inconspicuously inviting; the way we live in the seemingly deceptive irate irresponsible indefinitely, insufficient and inept society."

"inaugurating the facts of the irritating insecurities, inadequately fluctuating involuntarily intruding through the minds of the insanity; washing away until the jarring, jamming, and jailing, becomes the killing of the keenly, kindly, knowingly and knuckled; loose lethargic sensitivity in the limited, literally, liberally likening line of the malicious and merry; and mercilessly moving the manifestations of the marrying of the magnificent, inconceptual and merited"

"mentality of the menacing, monogamously mellow, monotonous, narrowing; nodding oppressively sympathetically to the needy, negligent and notably, nefariously; nastily naive and narcissistic of the ominously offering, the optimistic, pessimistic pampering propriety of the powering, pulling impulsive parallel of perspective and conductivity, quantitative, and qualitative questioning; questing and resulting relentlessly, readily in its reaffirming of the burdens of the recklessly, reconcilably bending unlawfully, sometimes misguided philosophies; serenity, scarcity, savagery, Samaritan, segregation; separation spontaneously happening through the conscience of the seclusive; severing nationally, globally the sympathetic nature of the synthetic reliability; taunting, towering, tossing, tearing, terrorizing tediously, terribly in chaos and rewritten terrifyingly in the history of the past of our ancestry"

"unveiling unifying, unsophisticated, untrustworthiness; unique abnormalities in the words and motion through the unrecognizable, undone, unsociably, underrepresented figures"

"uneasily, understated and unanimously looking forward to the unrelentingly revolving, tenaciously in a cycle undergoing the transformation of a new tackling, conflicting morality; wailing, weeping, wearily and wonderfully, acceptingly, willingly, honestly, wavering well; waiting, wonderingly in the distance of the wastingly, and fearlessly in the Zion; yearning and awaiting the return of the younger"

"Yellers still wandering in adolescence, developing faster, classier and more noticeably impactful than before; zonally, zooming quickly and zapping the intangible, undefined, underlying significance in the world; hiding timidly, ambitiously, atrociously, in the invisible figuratively, dominating, intriguing existence of the innocent.

"inspiring formulated winds; extraordinarily, incomprehensibly, exemplifying in the indefinable world, purifying the minds of the recognized and dignified."

Rings of concordance deafening my mind
In the eyes of the guilty, he is their savior
Pressing my hands together, a snap is heard
Everything is quiet
Pulsing through my veins, the concoction begins to take hold
Undermining my work would be the failure of use
Sympathy for the lost had left my mind
Shards of glass line across my face
Yonder past the hill, they come

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