The Feeling

by Jesse Langmacher
(Denver, CO)

What I'm on, it doesnt take long, 30 seconds and im gone. Yeah like T9X, too much to handle heads roll and hit decks. The feeling is better than sex, when im on it no one will flex cuz step to me? I dont care who you be, i'll have you down on a knee and beat ya head in and you cant even flea. Is it wrong? to have hate this strong, when I know i carried this shit on too long, but i know what yall sayin, its not cuz i use a bong, most you tools i just dont get along. But This Feeling is a little strange, doin this shit and never turnin the page, right now its impossible to have my rage, doesnt mean i shouldnt be in a cage.

15 seconds in i start to change, your whole face i will rearrange, fuck around and snap back? youll see me derange, have ya in chains if you try to get away, catch up one day. Just like the fuzz, beat ya ass just because, do i need a reason? you didnt do shit, but you still get treason. Ha you know how it is, its just cuz Jaybo feels like this. Have done some shit in my day, drugs just to keep haters at bay, so good at this shit givin competetion to Dr DRE. May seem like i rap like eminem, but im white too so my lyrics are a little like em. Thats just cuz haters say my lyrics shouldnt have the N word, ignorance? guess where ya just got interred? this shit im on has got my judgement blurred. So before you think you got the 1up, i'll write more, show you whats up. Never been afraid of confrontation, just own your ass before shit escalates. Your ass is knocked out and i avoid citation, who would blame me anyway? You were the first to swing, i just landed the last blow, and This Feeling still always me to keep this flow.

After awhile, start to feel insane, go a little crazy but i remind myself im the only one to blame, so its not like im going to hang my head in shame, im going to accept it and live out the decision, swearing this was the same shit i saw in my vision, using my lyrics to slice you in such precision, so once im done I got time to enter rescission. Doesnt mean i regret my actions, all you could probably tell, i just dont give a fuck, but dont need to yell. And im not gonna try, its not my word im here to sell, fuck the haters thats why the Honey Comb hideout is where we dwell. The Feeling never sways, but after awhile it mellows is what the label says, so I'll start to feel normal after a few days.

Wake up, but its not like i've been sleeping, feeling this shit the whole time is it DMT? nahh, something greater, stepped onto the earth and made a crater, figure of speech, got too many expectations weighin down on me, i guess that's what the feeling could be. Yeah respect for me flocks from all around the world, this much weight should leave a mans body gnarled, but i manage to keep on my feet, not much friction i meet, cuz i welcome these intentions, but the feeling has got me stuck in some interventions. I start to calm, take a deep breath, think about what just happened, and put my face in my palm.

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