The broken one

by Sahil Kumar
(Sunnyvale, CA, USA)

what's this rain for…
whats this pain for…

i dont know whats worst
ill put my pain as first
then we bring out issues
issues related to love and trust

trust that i put in you
the heart i broke for you
i never brought anyone else up
no one else but you

the time you left me in dark
she came to me as a spark
light me up, make me glow
like the only bulb in the dark

you left me alone
i cried while you were gone
the heart was sobbing up
it was your name that i moan

she was by me, cheering me up
pouring a drink for me in a cup
drank to get over you
memories from past, it adds up

she was screaming but i won't hear
you were far but seemed like near
i don't know what it was
all i saw was memories and i fear(ed)

the memories that gave me nightmare
i couldn't breath, you took away the air
i was broken, you took your heart away
broke mine, it was just unfair

the love i gave you, it died
i did nothing but cried
i thought we were together
as if we were tied

it was so uncalled for
i was sinking, i wanted the shore
you promised to be my wifey
all i got was pain and exit door

why you had to go away
we could of argued, may be fray
i wanted you more than myself
'i love you too' is all i wanted u to say

the rain is for the rainbow …
the pain is for the gain ..

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