That's Love

by Julie Elvin
(Arroyo Grande, Ca. )

Lyrics--"That's Love" by Julie Elvin and Kelly Hilding

That’s Love—by Julie Elvin and Kelly Hilding
I don’t need another party-down, country song
In the back of a truck, rockin’ all night long.
What I need is a dose of reality.
I need a song about you and me.
Wakin’ up every morning in our tangled sheets
The toddler between us had a scary dream.
And with sleepy eyes, we kiss her face
And we thank God for His amazing grace,
Now, that’s love!
That’s love---That’s love—
I’m betting on us!
We don’t put on a show
We don’t make a big scene
But every night I know
I’ll be in your dreams—
And that’s love!
The weekend comes, but we don’t go out
We order in and snuggle on the couch
Talkin’ and laughin’, catchin up on the week
Time for ourselves while the baby sleeps
And that’s love!
Love ain’t a one night rodeo
It’s a forever feeling that we won’t let go
That’s love, that’s love
I’m bettin’ on us
We don’t put on a show
We don’t make a big scene
But you’re in my arms
And I’m in your dreams
And that’s love.

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