Teenage Society

by Ethan

Something's wrong with my teenage generation,
And I´m uncorrupted, but feeling lonely and cold,
Where´s the meaning to your songs?
That society´s got you all in a stranglehold?
Because when all the girls dress like hoes
And all the guys dress like gays,
I needed to free myself
And forget what society says...

Like a human in a zombie-filled place
Except that they´re not going for my brains,
Though they seem to have lost their own...
The adults say that we'll destroy the place,
Letting the world go up in flames,
Through no fault except our own,
And to think that this was our home...

Drink, sex and drugs are what they crave,
Chaining their bodies to their graves,
And it´s all in search of a good time,
Then the morning after they always pay,
Sickness, embarrassment and usually a bad headache,
Spending Sundays trying to clear their mind,
Waste of a weekend, I think you´ll find...

Music is mainly what's to blame,
Lyrics on love and sex are the aim,
And it usually goes straight into their heads...
The younger ones are getting worse,
Infected with this contagious curse,
Even the older ones sometimes wish them dead,
But they all are, it has to be said...

They look to Twitter for their rise to fame,
But I couldn't give a shit about their name,
For the fact that they´re just another lost soul...
Wearing next to nothing and baring breasts,
Or with their tongues out and 'Obey' on their chests,
Trying to talk on behalf of everyone seems to be their goal..
Wanting money and greed to swallow them whole.

(We need to find our feet, get out of this mess,
hope the hold weakens, and the people say 'Yes,
we're sick of this and we want out,
because this is something we can do without!')

Slowly people are coming round,
Getting their feet back on the ground,
While you´re stuck with your stupid ways...
We'll lay into you with sharpened words,
Making sure that you feel the hurt,
You´re no longer a 'legend', you're cast away,
Because we're back to normal, and it´s here to stay.

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