by Kimberly Ferguson
(Huntsville Alabama)

The phone is about
To ring it's the man
You gave everything
Now you're suffering
Three kid's and a dog
You're on a blog
Living in a fog
The air is filled with smog
Why are you suffering?
Now the phone is about to ring
He thinks he's a king
He likes the bling,bling
He knows you will stay
If he has a fling
You pray every day
For God to make a way
You pretend to be OK
We know you're suffering
Inside you are filled with pride
So you try and hide it when you're outside
The tears are rolling
Down you're face
I can see a trace
You try and erase
You turn up the base
In case we can hear
What's going on at
You're place
I hate to see you
Suffering after you gave
Him everything
You stay after he had a fling
The phone is about to ring
Let it ring
Let it ring
Just let it ring
You're suffering

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