by dee

i dont wanna be miss famous,
just want strugglin kids around the world to know what my name is,
the changes, goin in their lives i can relate
like not havin a date, or strugglin with their weight,
or dealin with the hate, while they’re awaiting for the darkness to pass
and the heartless carcases of those in their class
goin home and they know they gotta wake up in the morning
just to go back to the outside with no forewarning.
lookin in from the out. feelin like a mime
you can scream you can shout, but its just a waste of time
cuz you look content with the way you livin
but on the inside you know that you are just kiddin.
the things your dealing,
with, the way you’re feeling,
it aint appealing
emotions burstin thru the ceilin
your kneelin on your knees prayin things will get better
your eyes get wetter,
hide your wrists with your sweater.
the scars reminding you that you are alive
but you’ve been deprived
of a normal life
things will be okay
even if it aint today
and you just feel like screemin,
trust me. life does have meaning
it seems that you and me could be a team and.
rule this world a bunch a weird kids livin together
wak crew runnin shit, no effort.
thats clever.

you are so strong even if you dont know it
i’d trust you with the game winnin shot, i know that you wont blow it.
youve been thru a lot. i can tell in your eyes,
saying that you are ok, i got the super power glasses i can see lies.
but im proud of you for makin it this far
stead of crumblin up, nature valley bar.
youre stronger than you know,
my flow goes slow, so you can understand.
im here for you, call me ya helpin hand

music’s therapeutic. i choose it
so i dont lose it.
my mind. can get dark and scary half the time.
but music soothes the soul, and clears the head.
writting down my feelins, with this pencil led
im. kinda crazy thats ok
any day. of the week.
im a freak, my technique,
so unique,
i guess ill be your friend, i aint got that many, really.
but im super cool like ridin my tricycle doin a weelie
so what im strange. imma own it
till the people tell me to tone it. down
then imma sit on this thrown and wear the damn crown.
cuz im the best, at least i convince myself of this.
sweet like sugar, hersheys kiss.
bliss. thats what i be feelin,
when i be dealin
these lyrics for kids sitting in they rooms blastin music so they can hear it.
the message im tryin to send.
one bad day don’t mean its the end.

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