Stepping Forward- Finding Clarity

by Finding Clarity
(Tucson, AZ)

You know the feeling that you get,
The adrenaline coursing through you
Never knowing if you'll make it,
Always wondering what to do
I need to know if you'll step up,
Be the leader that moves us forward
We need you, where are you now?
Hurry up, we are being cornered

This nation brought us down into
The depression they have left us with
And in my mind, I cry for help from you
A fallen hero will save us from the lies,
The deceiving demons in the skies
Come on now, who's stepping forward?
Who's stepping forward?

The future has betrayed us,
This so called dream we're living in
I lay here in a pool of dust,
Soaking up the remains of all that is left
The buildings have fallen,
And the angels lied
Nothing left to sacrifice,
But to those who have died


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