by Micah
(Puget Sound)

Verse 1
Wishing you were here and not gone
Just sitting home alone singing my song
I don’t why you were like this way
So rude and, deceptive

Pre-Chorus 1
You came home and saw me on the sofa
Screaming at you to run
You didn’t know that there was a spider
Bigger and longer than my thumb
You didn’t know what to do
So you grabbed some aerosol

All you had to was spray the insects
Crawling at you
They’re getting closer so spray
All you had to do was push, the lever
Get it to drizzle
They’re right there so spray

You know you should've
You know you should've sprayed

Verse 2
I don’t why you had to go
You still had $5 to owe
And I don’t want to hear that tone
Yes it’s overdue
You shoulda knew

Pre-Chorus 2
After you got eaten I called you a cretin
Then I bolted to the door
I tripped on your sandal, passed out on the handle
Knocking me to the floor
I saw them coming for me
And I grabbed the aerosol

I pulled the trigger and sprayed the spider
Leg by leg
I finally one by spraying
You could be alive if you did it too
Just like me
Now I’m exhausted
Cause I sprayed
It’s really simple just spray

All I had to do was
All I had to do was spray

I just sprayed
Spray, yeah

All you had to do was push the button
It’s not a crime
You don’t have time now so spray
All I had to do was focus my head
Clear my mind
I won now cause I sprayed
BTW you were the bait!!!

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