Slit Wrist Freestyle

by Trap Squad

It's Chowder!

Same time swervin' with these words Elevated thoughts got me Backslidin' .
Hate crime but I'd fuck a nigga up , Flow game got y'all Capsizin' .
Round of applause for the gods , broads are the fuckin' reason y'all caps risin' .
Third Iris in my hand , understand I'm under pressure so cat's whilin' .

Act childish , it's your shit , I'm fucking Karma with a middle-finger seems like getting bigger is some slow shit .
I'll get around like i'm an Orbit .
My cold wrist is a dead-man hand , god damn band never understands snapin' on me is no lesson hommie , it's just messing on me here is more shit .

And more Bitch , Im Sordid , Catch a body tryna fold it .
I'm Norbit , I can act a bitch but I'm a savage baby daddy told me .
I don't take no opinions , I take control and some good advice .
I act nice , my faith good but in bad times .

Some good weed and a Pat on the back and i'm burping lyrics .. its so exquisit but i swear on my mind and my soul I'd squeeze it . If its negativity that you all buildin' ..
The building crumbling before your feet ..
man Yall are foetuses acknowledge kicks .
My knowledge steepĀ  and my stomach deep .., hunger never filled less your stakes are weak...
man I'm sick ..
Man I'll seek destiny until I find it then I'llĀ  quit ..
yall aint quick .. Send the beat and I'll fuckin' daze it shit it pro'lly sink .. sink sink ,, in my sorrow deep . Let tomorrow weep . For today and shit .. Yall be daily critisizin' any youngin risin' but you want a legacy being carried on , man y'all confused .

(Jynx III)

Man , man they all confused . Yo Chowder , give me the credit so I can give it back to the hood . Yo Pro Cassette , bring it back

Still got a passion , man I'm demonstration of being vivid around here . Uh
We was down now we risin' all the pressure on you niggas got you budgin' .
Now we levitating , talking business , we the biggest out here we aint fuckin' .
I feel like getting money with the niggas I roll with jump out of the struggle .

Same niggas I was with , I aint changing now we on bigger things , pull up swerving , say Word if you with me all my bitches all of them make 'em scream .
Errythin is legit , I fuck with god I'm a savage . Competition dead buried , Trap Squad , Spazzin' .

I'm a young living god still on the come-up bitch i'm really poppin' .
Hard times , still standing man I'm glad I made it through the process .
My new resolutions helped me trough the shit , when my haters started to doubt me .
They didn't believe me when I told 'em I am the King my shit vivid no blur shit . Yeah

I don't fuck with you .
Watch me levitate and laugh at you .
I kill it back to back and switching all these lanes got the city on my hands nigga .
They all scared that I'm ahead nigga .
I'm the one they all scared nigga .
Kid rockin' , hoes crushin , I swear these hoes all be falling for me .


Yo Slug , your verse was dope bro . But Imma go . I go by the name of Mad-Dee .
Trap Squad! Look

My name is Mad-Dee I'm balling with Breezy .
Fuck all your hommies I know that you feel me .
All o' my niggas they running the hood nigga day after day we be sipping the booze .
Trap Squad , that's my clique ungandbuzi .
We killing shows nigga we run your hood .
I got uChowder that nigga is swervin' he's balling so harder these bitches they feel him .

Never ever tryna fuck with the young nigga , we getting money it's all about cash .
I love my niggas , they balling so harder , its all about winning we keepin' it to fresh .
Pour up the lean till i'm feeling so dizzy .
I got the niggas who're rulling the city .
Talk about me while i'm puffing my cheesey .
I got the paper n I'm winning .
This shit is easy .

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