Scroggins, lover of music.

by BranDen Scroggins
(Colorado Springs, CO)

My name is BranDen Scroggins. I'm 27 and a songwriter/musician, but more of a songwriter. I've been a drummer from that age of 4, and play around on the guitar, piano and violin for a few years now. Started writing song just for fun then it really took a hold of me bout 7yrs ago and i haven't looked back. A range of music from emo-punk, (which I love to write) R&B, country and rap and everything in between. Here lately I've been in the studio with a number if artists to get some demos out but i would really love to make this my full life. Here are a few of my songs tell me what ya'll think. (All songs are copyrighted and all songs are written and composed by BranDen Scroggins. Enjoy)
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