Sanity Lost

by Ambient Vale

My lungs are filled with fuel,
I’m warning you,
He’ll never love you like I do,
The monster within me is ready to burst out,
The day will come, I’ll just count,

Come back here, come back here,
Where do you think you’re going?,
I wasn’t finished beating you to death, my hate for you is growing,
Yes, yes, yes!,
Your blood shooting up gives me pleasure!,
I want to see you suffer and bleed!,
More, more, more!,
I’ve lost my sanity ‘cause I’ve been holding it in for so long,
It’s finally time to let loose the demon!,

You better run!,
You better hide!,
I’ll be there in time,
To give you the beating of a lifetime!,

Give her back to me, give her back to me!,
Suffer my insanity!,
I lost all hope long ago,
So I’ve got nothing to lose,
Time for me to finally give you a taste of my bitterness,
Gaze into mine eyes and see the utter blackness,
It’s your turn to suffer the consequences!

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