rwanda africa my story bizi

by bizi
(vancouver bc )

Ever heard of a child, aged two
Having to go through what I’ve been through?

Staring through the door frame,
Source of my pain,
The Gorilla Gang came and
Shot moms in the brain.

Snatched up and strapped up,
Taught to be a savage,
It’s kill or be killed
So my enemies I ravaged.

For five years strong,
Internal Armageddon.

Killing and cocaine,
No way to refrain,
I’d miss my family silently in the midnight rains.

With an AK47 and one hundred rounds,
Line up another family
Then they’d hit the ground.

That sinking feeling in your gut,
If you don’t shoot – you’re shot.

Annihilate, fear is a perfect motivator.
Turn a young buck into a sick fuck
Just like the Terminator.

An Exterminator, child soldier marching on,
Gripping tightly to my gun,
What I’ve done was not for fun.

But it’s just begun,
‘Til my last breath I’m still a soldier.
When I was young I hoped it over,

Now I’m older and know better,
It’s not always stormy weather,
Spend my life just stacking cheddar
Was encumbered - now unfettered.

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