by siddharth jagtap
(India - Mumbai)

i'm a Rumour
spreading in your dreams
killing your desire
rushing through your deeds
i'm false and i'm free
i'm all over the faith in you
take my hand and walk through truth
i mite dissolve in tiny molecule
above all the things i stand still straight
my only right is the city of falsehood
kicking down since ages
i survive tonight too
shameless cant be me
coz' the one who holds the 'sense' is you
i'm a Rumour
ruling alive since 60
have become your dynasty
you're still living in my loyalty
i'm true, truth for you
i will be the same
tomorrow and today
immortal is my words
also naked and blind
whatever is that heard
remains still to find
i'll fire another decade now
as the weapon of sense seems
200 miles far from your house !!!

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