Romeo and Juliet

by Ren

If all that could fail is all we have in this world today
Maybe all the fights and exchange of words this is all i have left to say
I might be wrong i might be right , but at least i know you are the last image that will pass my mind from day till night.

Our love felt so wrong and so confused, but if there is one word for your love it must be described as "seduced"

Its almost like romeo or juliet, cause you're love is something i can never forget:)

Its you that i will love till the day I die for sure,
Through mountains and deserts i will try and endure!!!at least you will be my raindrop so clear and so pure.

Lets not forget rome was not built in a day
But to love you dearly is all that my heart has left to say!!!!!!!

So now when i lie next to you and kiss your lips for the last time
I now know that loving you was never a crime:)



Renier Serfontein

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